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@@MissDaniDaniels @Blacked_com @PrinceYahshua @OCModeling "DANI DANIELS DEEPER"  TRAILER- http://bit.ly/damitrailer   "……more picture on the internet with my butthole out than clothed, LOL……that moment..sounds so girly and so romantic…..I realize, Prince and I have a ton of chemistry…"  I LOVE DANI DANIELS…….SUPERSTAR WITH THE SUPERMODEL LOOKS! 

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@MissDaniDaniels    ilovemissdanidanielsreally really loves this layout and why not it shows off Dani’s BEST assets. Beautiful Face, perky perfect boobies, the bold leader of the  bush revolution and the tantilizing tempting twat……Superstar with the Supermodel looks!

Dani Daniels ❤❤❤

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@MissDaniDaniels @Kinkdotcom @TrainingOfO Dani is taught objectification. From a butt warmimg, a super large dildo fucking, to human fucking and finaling eating the cum from her cunt with a smile………

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@@MissDaniDaniels @Kinkdotcom @TrainingOfO Part#1 Dani learns the meaning of sexual objectification. Learning in her words, "I am a pretty lillte Fuck Hole!"

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Dani Daniels Gets ‘Blacked’ for 1st Interracial Scene.

Popular starlet Dani Daniels has started principal filming for her first foray into the interracial genre with Blacked.com.

Blacked announced an entire star showcase movie dedicated to Daniels, titled “Dani Daniels’ Deeper,” which will feature four exclusive scenes, in addition to an in-depth interview with the leading lady.

Helming the project is director Greg Lansky, who just picked up the 2014 XRCO Award for Best Web Director.  

"I’ve worked with Dani for several years on many projects and she is truly talented,” Lansky said. “She makes herself art; Her beauty is in line with models from high fashion campaigns and her performances are just next level. She’s a true star."

Daniels has not worked with any of the talent from showcase previously — all scenes will feature first-time couplings. 

"Greg and I have been good friends for some time now,” Daniels said. “He directed my very first scene over three years ago. Him and I have very similar tastes when it comes to style. Blacked had the right project and approach. I am taking a new step in my career redefining the dynamics of the genre."

Daniels added that she believes shooting for Blacked represents an evolutionary step in her carreer, explaining, “I’m growing everyday as a performer along with my sexual appetite, so when I felt the time was right I made the call and said, ‘Let’s do this!’ I am on a sexual journey, and this project is an important part of it.”

Scenes from “Dani Daniels’ Deeper” will be available on Blacked.com this fall.

100,000 views in tthree days. This will be a award winning MEGA HIT for beautiful Dani…………. xoxo

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@missdanidaniels I love your new movie trailer so much, cannot wait the release date of 9/15 #DaniDanielsDeeper

Mr Pink write on Dani Daniels http://blog.mrpinks.com/dani-daiels-gets-blacked/ “…director Greg Lansky guides Daniels, whom he calls ‘truly talented’ and ‘a true star’…given her history of incredibly passionate performances, (She) could blow…(them)… out of the water”.

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A Mother Daughter Thing - Elexis Monroe, Dani Daniels

Nothing more beautiful than Girls loving Girls……………..

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@MIssDaniDaniels"I just wanna get my clit sucked" I am ready, willing and able to be at your service. I can suck your lovely delicious clit from now and till forever. Until your at the Happiest Place On Earth……………..